May 26 2016 0

Infinity Lends a Helping Hand

As part of Infinity’s continuous Corporate Social Responsibility program, a blood donation campaign was initiated on May 23, 2016.

The one day campaign saw more than 100 enthusiasts which includes our employees and stakeholders. They were all brought together for one mutual aim – to give back to the society that we live in. A total of 95 pints of blood were collected although 30 donors were rejected.

This campaign was aimed to run close to the Ramadhan month as we are aware that blood banks need the most blood during festive seasons mainly due to accidents. Therefore, we believe this blood donation will be an invaluable contribution to the society this coming season.

Blood is something that all of us can spare. Donation from a single person can save 3 lives. A gift of live is the greatest gift. It means more than anything in this world. We have done our part. Have you?


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