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Integrated Freight Forwarding Services


Freight Forwarding

Our NVOCC services focus on providing full container load shipments and vessel space as carriers to our customers which are mainly freight forwarders. We obtain our vessel space by submitting e-booking instructions to various feeder operators and shipping lines to provide better option, in terms of route, frequency and volumes, for our customers.

We entered into committed purchase arrangements quarterly with four shipping lines for the routes between (i) Port Klang and Chittagong; (ii) Port Klang and Surabaya; (iii) Port Klang and Laem Chabang; and (iv) Port Klang and Bangkok.

Under our NVOCC services, our customers generally require us to provide containers for the purpose of the shipment. We operated a total of 1,851 containers comprised of general purpose containers, open top containers and high cube containers.

In addition to the traditional general purpose containers and open top containers, our Group also operated high cube containers. These high cube containers offer better payload providing extra 12% space utilisation compared to using a traditional general purpose Container and enable shippers to maximize their shipping cost per cubic meter and increase convenience to our customers.

It is also best for shipping low density but bulky and oversized cargo such as chipboards, gypsum boards and sheet and offer better protection to sheet glass as compared to the method of using open-top container with canvas, thus lower the risk of breakage. We have maintained marine liability insurance and special transit liability insurance coverage for our NVOCC services.

Our integrated freight forwarding services cover the provision of carrier services and freight forwarding services mainly by ocean, with a small portion of air freight services. We provide international export and import shipment handling to our end customers from various industries including manufacturers and traders.

Our export and import freight services encompass both ocean and air mode. Combining with the local transportation services in our logistics centre and related services, we are able to provide international door to door cargo transportation services upon our customers’ requests.

We also provide forwarding services, which mainly involve preparation of customs documents. Our forwarding division in our integrated freight forwarding services would handle the procedures and formalities of import and export in Malaysia.

For export freight services, it involves the acquisition of cargo space from the relevant shipping lines or airlines, arrange ground transportation to bring customers cargo to the terminal and load onto vessel or plane. Upon request, we also engage overseas agents or network partners to arrange local delivery at destination.

For import freight services, upon pre-alert and arrival notice, we arrange Customs clearance and ground transportation to deliver the goods to customers or consignees.

For forwarding services mainly involves in preparing and submitting declaration to the relevant customs department and in the cases where specific permits are required, we will liaise accordingly with the relevant governmental agencies for processing and obtaining approval until release status is granted for the shipment.

Subsequently, we arrange ground transportation to deliver the goods to location as instructed by the customers. We provide forwarding services as an ancillary service to our freight forwarding services as well as stand-alone service to our customers.