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Logistics Centre and Related Services

Freight Village

We operate two freight villages which are located in Port Klang, one is in the port and another is within the port vicinity. This business unit is multimodal capable and promote cargo interchange from FCL to loose container/truck load. Additionally, our FV also provides conventional breakbulk transit, storage as well as container park and rail/road activities.

Freight Village 1 (FV1)

An integrated logistics centre capable of handling multimodal transport namely road, rail and sea, focusing on multimodal freighting, transit and value adding services. Located strategically in Westports, it offers services such as warehouse, both bonded and non-bonded with 12,000 sqm of storage and cross docking facilities as well as distribution services.

The container Freight Station (CFS) services provide stuffing and un-stuffing of containers and cargo consolidation, also serving as container depot for storage of empty and laden containers with cleaning, maintenance and repair services.

We also provide Intermodal Terminal services for interchangeability of transportation modes from rail to road and with direct connectivity to both Northport and Westport and highway connectivity to KLIA. In 2017, FV1 handled a throughput of 5000 TEUs.

Freight Village 2 (FV2)

Located in the Westports Terminal, Infinity’s FV2 offers a one-stop logistics solution for break bulk cargos. This hub includes 4 covered warehouses measuring 435,560 sqft in total and 150,000 sqft of open yard facility which is available for storage of bulk cargoes. It also serves as a Transshipment Centre, running global distribution of cargos by providing facilities for shipping lines and their customers to consolidate and break-bulking within the Free Commercial Zone (FCZ).

Besides, FV2 is also a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC), providing value added services such as labelling and repackaging. It also serves as an International Procurement Centre (IPC), providing procurement and sales of raw materials, components and finished products to Malaysia and abroad. In brief, the Freight Village is an ideal transport hub in Westports that provides cost efficient logistics solutions for exporters and importers in the current challenging market.

In the last 5 years, we have started focusing on the conventional break bulk logistics and became a landed customer in Port Klang to serve our customers better by successfully launching our Freight Village 2, an integrated logistics centre capable of handling multimodal transport, offering both bonded & non-bonded warehousing and an open space storage with overhead cranes. We own a huge concrete open space for Container Freight Station (CFS) activities and the warehouse is suitable and equipped to handle chemical logistics. In 2017, we registered a total throughput of over 20, 000 TEUs for this business unit.

Container Depot

As a Depot and Terminal Operator, we provide on dock container depot services in North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) in Penang Port. Being the only depot in the port, we provide rail siding capabilities, fully concrete surface with full lighting and service to receive and supply empty containers to the barge.

Handling containerized and conventional lift-on lift-off (LOLO) for various types of containers both empty and laden, container storing, maintenance and repair, surveying and reporting services are the other services that we offer under this business unit. The setting up of this depot is mainly to facilitate the growth of Southern Thailand’s container business.

Infinity also operates six other rail siding terminals to load and unload cargoes and containers from rail wagons. In Malaysia, we operate from Merapoh in Kelantan, Mengkibol, Gelang Patah and Pasir Gudang in Johor, Perai in Penang and Line 10 and Line 11 in Port Klang.