Jun 28 2016 0

Berbuka Bersama Infinity

As Hari Raya draws closer, what better way is there to strengthen the bonding with our stakeholders?

“Berbuka Bersama Infinity”, a buka puasa event took place on June 24 at Warehouse J, Westports. Aprroximately, 200 stakeholders were invited to join the event including Westports, SIRIM, Customs as well as Infinity’s customers and transporters. The event started off with a welcome speech by Mr. Eng Soon Huat, Head of Conventional & Heavy Machinery. It was then followed by a recital of doa by Jamsarin Bin Rahaman, Asssitant Manager of Bulk Logistics. The invitees were then treated to a hearty meal. It was an enjoyable sight to see people of all races and backgrounds unite and share laughters.

Ramadan Collage

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