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SCG Tradings Visits Infinity House

On the 4th March 2011, delegates from SCG Tradings visited Infinity House. SCG Tradings was formally known as SCT. A total group of 8 people which includes Mr Kajohndet Sangsubun, President and Mr Kalin Sarasin,Managing Director of SCG join in this visit.

Infinity is very honoured to have such distinguished guest with them. The group from SCG Tradings together with some of Infinity’s management team proceeded on with a short time of discussion on further business collaboration over coffee and tea. One of the discussion of this visit is the opportunity to expand their business in Central Eastern Europe via Luka Koper. SCG Tradings were very delighted on our assistance in exposing them on the opportunity of business in Central Eastern Europe.


To further signify a sustaining co-operative bond between Infinity and SCG Tradings, SCG Tradings’s President and Managing Director were invited to ‘install’ a logo plague with their new logo on Infinity Wall of Esteemed Partner. This marks another milestone in appreciating the strong bonds that were built hand in hand with the SCG Tradings on mutual trust and understanding. Infinity also played their role as Port Representative for Luka Koper by presenting their guest each with a bottle of wine from Slovenia on behalf of Luka Koper to bridge the gap between both parties. The guest were then treated to a scrumptious lunch of Bak Kut Teh at Infinity’s office.