Jan 18 2017 0

We Step Forward To Help Kelantan Flood Victims

After torrential rain and widespread flooding devastated Kelantan, more than 5,000 families were left homeless and most of the villages were stranded and isolated due to blocked roads and collapsed bridges. Most of the community halls, health care centres and hospitals were overwhelmed with victims and also many schools in the district were turned into evacuation centres.

As part of our small contribution to help the victims, we offered free transportation to donors to deliver relief supplies. The relief supplies which includes 2000 packets of coffees, 2000 packets of oil, sugar and instant noodles each were transported from our Penang branch earlier this week.

Although the situation is now gradually improving, the aftermath of the disaster is another issue that the victims have to endure. We pray and hope that the victims will be able to pull through and once again lead normal lives as before.



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