Dec 13 2013 0

Easy Programme Participants from UniKL

It’s time to bid farewell to our 1st group of Easy Program Internship students from UniKL.

The group comprising of Hasrul, Ridwan, Rajah, Adzhar, Fatin & Irdiana joined us for their internship on the 18th May 2011 and spent five (5) weeks understanding the business operation of a logistic company.

Special arrangement was also made with Westport to accommodate the group for a week where the interns had an invaluable experience while being based there and to the envy of some of our staff, even managed to sight one of the largest container vessel, Emma Maersk berthing at the port.

A half day visit to Stolthaven was also arranged to allow the interns a chance to observe how liquid bulk was being transported to the tanker. The site visit provided the interns a real life experience which they would not have learned from the books.

A note of thanks to all the HODs and 2nd liners who has worked tirelessly in keeping the interns busy and sharing with them their logistics experience and knowledge.

It was truly an amazing experience for the interns and we were delighted that they had the chance to experience it from Infinity. This marked a step toward the success of our internship program and we hope to welcome more university students to join us on this fantastic journey of learning.

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